Why Bluebird

The Bluebird is a symbol of happiness, joy and good luck.  It is also a sign of loved ones watching over you with love. There was never any doubt in selecting Bluebird for the name of our passion project. In fact, where to begin in explaining why the symbol of a Bluebird resonates with us. 

Travel is something we live and breathe both in our professional and personal lives. Being a part of the industry and also travelling ourselves is what brings us happiness and joy. The world is such an amazing place and to have had the opportunity over the years to explore it together is a privilege and has created memories and stories that will last a lifetime.  

Working in the industry has also created memorable experiences of assisting people on their journey’s whether it be for business, leisure or special occasions. It is so rewarding to receive that simple thank you for your assistance. You know you have made a difference and your knowledge and service is appreciated. This brings us happiness and joy. 

On a personal note, the symbol of the bluebird has always presented itself when we have needed it most. There are many times over the years where a bluebird has popped up at the right time, but the stand out memory in recent years and our favourite was the weekend of our wedding. We booked a little quaint cottage in Toowoomba and it was simply devine. It was exactly what we had wanted so all our friends and family could pop over the day after the celebrations. It truly was the most perfect weekend. The morning we were due to depart, we placed some of the flower arrangements outside for the owners to enjoy and as we stepped back in the back door, we noticed a little handmade ornamental bird box hung on the wall and what should be sitting in front of it, but a bluebird. Of all the places we could have stayed, it became clear why this little cottage was meant to be, as our loved one from above was sending us happiness, joy and good luck for our future. 

Picture of a bird house
The Bluebird house at our cottage in Toowoomba

So as we embark on this new journey of sharing our travel knowledge with you all, we hope that your next adventure will bring you happiness and joy. Good Luck!