Book your flight with confidence

Book your flight with confidence

To book a flight with confidence in 2021 probably feels as challenging as picking the winning lotto numbers.

The travel industry rule of thumb is to book in advance to access the best prices. You can book roughly 11 months prior to departure for most airlines, however in the current climate that is the last thing you probably wish to do with so much uncertainty. Are we right?

What happens if the flight is cancelled? Will I be able to travel at all? Will I get a refund?  We hear you and it’s very understandable.  

The main concern received in the industry is when should I book my flight given there is a potential risk of a snap border closure. Well, we do have some good news for you as airports are getting busier, airlines are increasing flights and more people are flying again.

This increase is a result of state border restrictions being eased, however, to encourage the return of travel, the airlines are providing great sale fares and more importantly, providing increased levels of flexibility to get you flying again.

Here are the best current offers in the Australian market providing increased flexibility conditions, allowing you to book with confidence: