Bluebird The Travel Playbook Celebrates 1 year

Bluebird celebrates 1 year

A year ago we scratched a creative itch and launched Bluebird The Travel Playbook at the peak of a global health crisis that crippled our beloved travel industry. Was it a crazy thing to do? The simple answer is no.

The irony is we probably should give thanks to the pandemic because, without it, the idea for our website would not have been born. It was a time when the world was standing still, but we were looking for more to do, an outlet for new skills, and a place to share knowledge. We knew that when travel was able to fire on all cylinders again, the travelling public would have questions about what was required to take to the skies or what the new travel experience would look like. We have already witnessed industry colleagues and friends travel both domestically and internationally for leisure and business. The common theme that remains strong is the true joy and emotion to be free again, to explore and reconnect, and the thrill to see full departure and arrival boards again.

Our site is largely to share insights and education on the travel industry rather than sharing getaway stories. We want to arm you with information so you can make your own informed decisions and travel smarter. As we embark on the new era of travel there will be a few more boxes to tick on your list and things to consider, so we want to help you along the way.

We celebrate our first year on the eve of Australia opening back up to the world and it couldn’t be better timing if you asked us. Today we celebrate our efforts in giving something new a go, being bold, and putting ourselves out there. We have thoroughly enjoyed the outlet and a big shout-out to our Bluebird followers. We are thrilled that you have taken the time to interact with us whether it be a like or a comment on social media, or taking the time to read our blogs.

This year is going to be brilliant for the industry. Travel suppliers and tourism operators will be able to welcome people not just locally, but from across the world once more. Doors will no longer be shutting, but rather welcoming your patronage and also providing new employment opportunities to support the new demand. Don’t be afraid to see the world again. Whilst so much has changed at the same time it hasn’t. The wonders of the world are still there to be explored. Countries are crying for tourism to boost economies and people are ready and willing to re-connect.

We both remain working in the travel industry and made it through the tough times and we couldn’t be more optimistic about the future of travel.

What are you waiting for! Get back out there.